Monday, January 30, 2012


good afternoon, to all those who arent sick, and to all those who are sick(like me) i hope it goes better. since saturday when i woke up, i have had a terrible cough, and i thought it would just go away, but as of right now it hasnt, so i will call hna. spannaus in the night to see what to do. so it has been pretty rough, because randomly last night it started to rain, luckily, right after we got inside. well im happy, and sad to talk about this week. because it was a very trying week and we worked so hard, but with so little results, probably one of the hardest of the mission but i feel that i was really able to stay positive(almost 100% of the time). it was a very hard trial, but i feel like with pres. spannaus` help, i was able to overcome it.
this week, we had interviews on thursday, and we had a very good talk about recommitment. he didnt have to rebuke me by saying it, but i decided that i need to do just that much better to finish up the mission good. sharon sent a good email about that, and it was nice to see all those who wrote to give words of encouragement. but for now im going to go back to the good news of the interview.
elder wilding asked pres. to use his cell phone to call some converts, and decided to call rosy and arturo from chilpancingo. they have been talking to the bishop and getting ready to go to the temple!!!! they say that they will go in february, but they still dont know the date.
please pray a lot for them, that has been one of my biggest desires to take a family to the temple to be sealed, and finally it is possible.
we both got to talk to arturo, and he sounded a whole lot more grown up, what emily said about the gospel making us better people, and more organized really is true, we have seen it in this family. sadly president mentioned to me and elder sonntag, a little note about changes being possible between us this weekend. he may have plans for e. sonntag to train and send me to another area. its not sure, but possible, not my will, but thine be done. it doesnt matter who with, or where, but i have to and i will keep working hard until the end of the mission(just like scott mentioned) wow, i really did learn a lot from you all in your letters. and to tie in what mom and betsy said, that is exactly what president told me about having good results.
thats not the important thing, what really matters is forgetting yourself in the work, and being obedient. president said, if you die today, is God going to ask about how many baptisms i had in the mission, or how many new investigators i found? no, he is going to ask about if i completed with whatever he commanded me to do or follow, who to help, and what i did with my time. he had me reread alma 5, and i learned a lot from the questions that alma asked the people.
well, my time has run out once again, so we will have to wait until next week to chat more, but thank you for your support to everyone, and if clarissa gets this too, i got your letter, but it didnt give me time to read it, but ill print it off. your letters have been uplifting and inspiring, and i have felt the spirit and your love.
see you all next week!
mucho amor
elder facer

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