Monday, January 23, 2012

A diligently hard week

good afternoon family and friends! its good to be with you again and write, hopefully something inspiring, because i sure have felt inspired with the thoughts and letters you all have shared, except for alyssas, because she punished us (thanks joseph) with a generic letter haha. but ill be waiting for a good one next week as promised. it was good to hear that everything went well for wyatt, and that he gave a good talk.
also its fun to hear that for scott and alicia, the windows of heaven are opening for a new blessing and a new test. as mom commented, i really have learned so much from dad. maybe he didnt give me a shirt to take on the mission, because he was a lot taller than me and joseph, but he did teach me the characteristics that have shaped and changed my mission. i dont exclude you mom, but just as you commented on dad, i wanted to talk about him. i heard a quote a month ago from an emeritus seventy in our ward: you can see how converted the parents are by how the kids live and act. im far from the best missionary, but i know that my example and idol has always been dad to inspire me and lift me to be better. the little sacrifices that have been made are what shaped me. maybe he got mad at me while working with him, because i didnt know how to do anything, but he gave me the time to be with him, and learn hard work and to love good work. thanks dad i love you.
well we have had a diligently hard week. we had so many people in teaching, and so many appointments, but during the week, they just kept falling like flies at grandmas porch(8 people with fly-swatters) and it was hard to keep filling in our time with more things to to, but we managed. we had about 31 investigators, but because they havent been keeping their commitments, we will be having to drop many of them this week. sadly it has to happen, and i know good things will come from it, but its still hard to leave people that we have come to strive for and love so much. three investigators we are teaching, are striving to live the word of wisdom, mainly smoking and coffee. they are german, laura, and carla. german is the husband of a member since childhood, yuri, and his three kids were baptized last year. he is getting really excited and learning so much! he likes the gospel a lot, and defends it with co workers that are leaders of other churches! so cool, i hope he isnt preaching apostasy. haha! laura is a reference we received from the secretaries in the stake, her, with her two kids of 20 and 19 are pretty excited about baptism and have been willing to do all their homework and go to church, even though they live an hour away from the church! they live in the other city Huitzilac, its a part of cuernavaca, but its way far away. laura, aldo esteban, and jose juan are their names, please pray for them. they have baptism planned for feb. 4!! and carla is a recent converts sister that is 27, madre soltera(alone mom? i cant remember how to say it..... haha). she has had a lot of doubts, but was willing to try it out in faith, and needs a lot of support. her brothers recent wife is an ex-missionary, and is helping a lot, but she needs a lot of help with droppĂ­ng smoking. she has a lot of will power, but faith and prayers is more powerful! she is planning her baptism for feb. 11.
btw, german will have his date for the 25 of feb. we just need him to go to church!!!!
elder sonntag is helping me strive to speak 100% spanish. i have gotten a little lazy on speaking it all the time because of elder solomon, and need to get back in the habit. speaking of english, i gave a prayer in english in a members house, and i was sweating bullets, red faced, and elder sonntag was laughing when i finished, becase it just sounded so wrong. im worried to go home like this....especially with the family haha just kidding. we have been working hard, and are just waiting for the blessings.. also i talked to elder dahl, who took my spot in acapulco today, and he said that one of my converts are going to the temple soon, gildardo, so i might be going soon!!!! i cant wait, i have wanted to go to the temple my entire mission, and i hope he can go.
well thats about all with us, unless you have questions. we will talk next week. i love hearing from you all, and youre keeping me going, so thank you. i love you all, and i keep praying for you all. stay strong.
elder facer

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