Monday, September 26, 2011

Life is not all about Tara

well, i was pretty sad to hear about taras injury, and the pictures,
but... as you have explained: we need to trust in god and look for his
ways and not ours and accept them. keep going hard tara! echele
ganas! well i would also like to hear what else is going on at home,
all these last 2 weeks, i was praying for lys and her work, mom and
her work but i still havent heard anything about either of them. just
tara, tara, tara. jaja. i heard from betsy, and maryjo today, and
that was good to hear how ALL of their family is doing, and not just
tara. lol jk. also i heard from robert, dane, and sterling this week
and wrote them today(high school friends) and they are doing great.
rob is at a year in the mission, dane has 9 months, and ster is at 6
months. its so wierd to think that from their example, i was the
first to leave. but it was way fun to hear from them in different
parts of the world.
well, this week, we found two inactive families that are willing to
listen to us, and we taught them a few times. but sadly they are
still pretty hesitant to go back to church. and i understand that,
we just need more patience with them and to be constantly there to
support them. i remember that the joy of helping an inactive member
return is just as wonderful as baptizing someone! it happened in
chilpancingo and we activated an entire family and baptized their
daughter on january 1. but we left two weeks later and i havent heard
anything from them. but i imagine they are still doing good. also i
ask for your support in prayers for the families, callejas matildes
and carvahall hernandez. they are two families from chilpo that could
be going to the temple in december, and i talked to their bishop at
the mission conference with elder ballard, and he is working with
in the whole week, we didnt knock a single door to look for
investigators, because we are trying to dedicate our time to finding
inactive members, and work with them and the ward council. so it was
a challenge to find new investigators, but we walked out of the week
with 6. so i was pleased. again the ramirez family didnt go to
church, but they promised for next week, and are still talking about
baptism, so we will keep having faith and waiting for them to be
ready. elder jensen in the conference talked about how some people
are ready to change in 3 weeks, others in 3 months, and others in 6
months..... but thats just how god has made if for his children, so we
just have to wait until the ramirez family is ready and be there to
help them. we also found another family who were a referral from the
ramirez family that turned out pretty good, the problem is that they
are way busy and its hard to get them more than one or two times in a
week... but its ok, they seem really excited and ready for a change.
they are dolores, lidia, luvia, raquel, and lupe.
i have been reading a little of the book of mormon and am just about
to finish mosiah, and i also finished genesis yesterday, so i was
pretty excited to see some progression in the pages of the never
ending bible haha. i love the story and promises that the lord made
to abraham and his posterity, and to look for the fullfilment of those
blessings now a day in the people we teach. it really is true, and
the lord never forgets his covenants with us. elder solomon and i
have been well, he is hoping that we stay together till i go home, but
i dont think it will happen. as you have heard from joseph, transfers
are happening next week, so we will see what happens. well my time
is short, and we need to get to the district meeting, so i will talk
to you all later, with a good report on investigators, and personal
progression next week after conference. may god bless you all! youre in
my prayers and i love you
elder facer

Monday, September 19, 2011

Waiting for the labors to grow to fruit

well dont we always wish the blessings came immediately. i was just thinking about how many of you that wrote, emily, betsy, alyssa, tara,mom that said they were praying for us, but the trials just dont stop coming and the blessings are a little rough to recognize. they are definately there, but we have to look for them closely. thanks for praying for our investigators, because they are doing well, except they needed to go to church yesterday to be able to complete with their requirements for baptism this weekend, but didnt. the pictures are about the wedding of abigail and guillermo (memo is what he goes by)because that went really well. they have been doing really good.
well, this week we have been trying to work a lot more with the ward leaders and less active members, but it didnt really work out as we planned. we did, on the bright side, find a family that has been inacitve for the last 12 years, and their two kids arent baptized. but sadly we didnt get back intime from the wedding to see them before sunday, so we will talk to them this week. i think im getting a
little impatient again, and need to wait for our labors to grow into fruit. D&C 6:34. this week we will be working a little more with the ward council to be teaching them the message of the restoration and about missionary work to show them how excited we are to be working here. so we will start putting the other side of work that elder ballard talked about and try to combine the two. abi and memo and their family have been doing super great! they have dropped coffee completely, and within a week, they have received all the lessons, and are way excited about baptism. but the only problem is that the mom, estela, and the youngest daughter, nohemi, are the only ones of the 5(estela, abi, memo, cecilia, and nohemi) that are ready for baptism for this week, because the rest havent been to church enough times to be baptized, so we will have to wait..... but we still might baptize estela and nohemi, because they really wanted it. on saturday, we went to a town outside of taxco(tasco), Guerrero called san miguel acuitlapán. taxco is famous for its silver. We actually did everything really quick, but we had to get up at 4:30am to be there with the other couples from other areas on time at the offices. the secretaries drove us there, and we did two marriages in less than 2 hours, and only 900 pesos. pretty cheap for other weddings around here. haha.
elder solomon and i have been going good. i am reading the book of mormon again to complete with presidents challenge to finish it by christmas and mark every reference to jesus christ. its been cool to see how much it really is ALL about him. im just starting mosiah right now. also im reading the old testament, and jesus the chirst(still for the first time, i have put it down a few times.... haha)
but all is going well. i need to go now to save time to send the pictures, but im happy that all is well at home, and that we are able to do hard things. mom, i wish you luck and ill be praying for you,as well as alyssa. well really im praying for you all! be good, and trust in the lord with all your heart. dont hold back anything. love you!
elder facer

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lessons from Elder Ballard

Mis queridos misioneros,

Qué maravillosa conferencia hemos tenido y qué privilegio fue poder escuchar, sentir y darle la mano a uno del quórum de los doce apóstoles del Señor, el Elder Ballard. Nunca olvidaremos este día histórico en nuestra misión y en nuestras vidas.

Me gustaría que compartan conmigo sus sentimientos y pensamientos al respecto. El lunes que viene les mandaré los míos. Les mando un abrazo, trabajen duro, tenemos que bautizar más, el mes de septiembre estamos muy bajos en bautismos, siento que nos hemos desenfocado un poco. Ahora, con toda esta fuerza espiritual que hemos recibido, vamos a hacer nuestra obra mejor y más constantemente.

Un fuerte abrazo, que el Señor los bendiga!

Presidente y Hermana Spannaus
Misión México Cuernavaca

well i dont know if anyone was waiting till next week to tell me, or
if you all forgot(not likely) but this saturday i complete 18 months
in the misison... wow. thats nuts, but i feel like it has been a good
year and a half. hopefully, as some of you may have noticed, i feel
like i have learned a lot, and been able to change a few things to
better myself and allow myself to be a better servant of the lord.
well im glad to hear about taras first varsity goal, and homecoming,
and modeling, andrews first birthday and his balloons, and savannas
water pops. haha. thanks a ton dad for the pics. they are super
great! congrats lys and manuel, scott and alicia for being great
parents. im so happy for your kids that they are growing and learning
more and more every day, especially about canyons talk and picture.
that was sweet. they are all getting so big. mom, ill tell elder
miller to stop in and introduce himself at least once. well i hope i
mentioned everything that was written. as usual, i will probably
forget something. well i have good news, and im not sure if i told
you all yet,but rosy, from acapulco, is now the primary secretary in
the ward and loving it! she wrote me to say that she is doing great,
and working hard. also i talked to my bishop from chilpancingo at the
mission conference, and he said that two of the families i baptized
are doing great, have callings, and are getting ready to take the
temple prep classes to be ready in december!!!!!!! so excited. i ask
you to pray for the families carvahall hernandez and callejas
matildes. they are so great.
well now on to our week. im not going to lie, it was a hard week. we
didnt have much success in lessons with member present, finding new
investigators, or getting people to church, and finally yesterday i
had the prompting of why. as i mentioned from before, i felt that the
lord wanted us to work with the members in this ward, and as we tried
to do the work on our own this last week, it just didnt fit into the
lords plans. so we made plans to change that and work with the elss
active members this time. also elder solomon got sick today. he as
what is called here {the double dragon. or in other words diahrrea
and vomit at the same time. it was from a vegtable soup, it gets all
the gringos. so he has had a rough day. he is doing a ton better
from when he got here, we are working hard, staying focused, and
trying to stay obedient and focus on our investigators. he is doing
really good.
on saturday we had our misson conference with elder ballard, elder jay
jensen, elder de hoyos, and elder gonzalez. friday afternoon,
president called me to ask a favor, and wanted me to take notes of the
conference for elder de hoyos, and elder gonzalez and him, if they
spake. also on the questions asked by misisonaries to elder ballard.
the reason for that was because those notes we took may be used in
the website of the liahona! also they took a lot of pictures, so be
watching for any updates, and if i get put in the liahona on the
internet, or in the magazine in the mexico section! the conference
was great, i didnt get to take a lot of personal notes, because of my
assignment, but it went well, and i learned alot. elder jensen talked
about the data he has received on the mission and misisonaries that
baptize the most converts and reviewed the nine points on how to
achieve it. ill send those later, i dont have my notebook. and elder
ballard talked about working hard and depending on the atonement of
christ to help us through the hard times when we are depressed or worn
down. he made a lot of old jokes about the ^young^ apostles, or the
ones below 80 years old, and how the work is hard for them and what
they do to stay strong. he also talked a ton about how to work with
members and use your ward council. so after he was done, i decided to
ask him a question of how to find more new investigators. president
asks us to have aobut 20-30 a week, and the entire mission is about at
15 maximum. he said that we need to work with the less active members
and find through them. at every single appointment we have, we need
to ask who they are oging to invite to our next appointment and that
we should be recieving two new member referrals a day! thats nuts
here, but if he says its possible, we need to get to work to do that.
there were a lot of other inspiring questions, but that one was
really deep, because he was looking at me and answering the question
for about 5 mins right in the eyes..... wow.. that was powerful. haha.
but with a lot of truth and feeling behind it.
well i ask that you keep praying for the big family, because tyhey are
keeping the other commitments, just not always with going to church.
we may have to go to taxco, iguala, guerrero to get abi and guillermo
married on saturday so please be praying for them. also estela,
cecilia, nohemi, josue, jesus, and diego. they really need yor help
to stop drinking coffee, and smoking-guillermo. thanks you all.
lovbe you tons, and we will be in touch! see you next week!
elder facer

Monday, September 5, 2011

Always the Positive

well i dont really know where to start because mom sure talked about a
lot, and there is a lot to say. i also didnt have enough time to read
josephs letter, because i ran out of time. but i will make time for a
good letter. well HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD, AND ANDREW! elder solomon says
happy birthday also. im sad to miss two very important birthdays, but
all is well, i hope you can forgive me haha. also congratulations to
tara for a wonderful soccer result. i actually had that same problem
tara, its not easy to get hit, but right now im playing with an
elder, elder udrizar, i played with him in chilpancingo, that is 6ft
3in and he plays really good. i am the only one that can really play
against him, and he beats me up. we play clean, but rough. dont worry
mom. so i have really had to stay strong and take some hits. but
stay strong, im praying for you here to be a big girl to get in a
fight haha jk. keep playing tough, and doing the little service
projects. that is what makes people open their hearts to us as
missionaries. if we arent serving, the whole area kinda shuts
down.... so we always have to be representatives of christ and go
about doing good. make it a part of your life, because that is what i
am learning life is about. service. also good luck for your first
date dance!!! im so excited. youll do great, just stay calm, and let
the night go, dont be too worried about it, or else it will be too
strict. just go, and have a great time! i hope to hear about it next
week! thats all for tara. canyon wrote me to say that he had a great
time fishing, and i wish that i could have been there freezing with
you guys. but my time will come. hope it tastes great! well, i dont
know if i need a package, but a few packaged sweets would be nice.
its fun to snack on something during study or planning, but not
completely necessary. so we have a lady in my ward that is from a
little pueblo in Hidalgo, a part of josephs mission, and she said the
food is really different from all of my mission. she said there are
some tamales that are about 5 feet long, and 2 feet wide that they
just cut up to feed a whole family or two! haha but we ate with her
last night, and she made us some food from hidalgo, and it was really
good. so good luck joseph! speaking of food, elder solomon and i ate
pig tongue tacos, ribs, head, and two other things that i still dont
know what it was. but it was good! and we didnt get sick! haha. it
was fun to try something new. i have tried almost all of the common
food here in my area, so it was interesting to get out of my
comfort zone.
we found a family of 9 this last week, and 4 of them went to church,
that is my big plea is that you pray for estela, abi, cecilia,
guillermo, nohemi, jesus, josue, and diego, and nancy. we have been
praying and fasting for a family to baptize in this month, and the
lord blessed us with a little more than we were hoping for, so we
really need your help to allow this wonderful and open family to
complete. they are excited, and abi already feels that it is true
after praying, so we need to help the rest of the family get there
too! we have few investigators progressing right now, but they are
doing ok. one is ataúlfo and he is husband to an inactive member and
her daughter, so we are working on them, and the other is the wife of
an inactive member, nohemi. so we are getting moving along, just need
to keep the ward excited and moving along with us. we have had some
members come with us to all of the investigators appointments, and it
has helped alot. elder solomon and i are doing good. just trying to
stay focused on our goals and getting better on spanish. it has been
fun training again, and seeing the mission from a newbies eyes.
well sadly its time to go, but im so happy to hear that everyone of
you is doing well, and that you all are trying hard to be on the lords
side. thats all that really matters in our entire life time, thats
why we are here in this probationary state, so lets do our best! love
you all so much, and i want you to know that youre in my prayers by
name, friends and family. love you all! saturday we have our
conference with elder ballard!!!!
elder facer