Monday, March 12, 2012

Stay Strong in the Faith

well I'm not going to be writing much today, because we had a week full of traveling from altamirano to iguala, to chilpancingo, back to iguala, and back to altamirano. we had the conference with elder octaviano tenorio on friday, and it was really good. he had us read mosiah 12 to 16 and we talked about some of his experiences with those verses and really learning to come unto christ. it was good to talk about that and hear a general authority's opinion on the topic that i will speak on in my return talk. i received some good ideas. he also talked about the kind of prayers that god likes to answer and what he likes to hear and in genesis 24 it gives the example perfectly. this week, i will re read it and learn how to pray. finally. haha. i also got to see arturo and rosy, and found out about the temple..... the whole trip it gave me lots of time to reflect on the hand of god and his purposes. it was nice and i was able to stay busy and positive about it. i got one last pic with them before leaving for iguala again. we only had three days to work this week, and it was good. we kept working hard, and found 10 new people to teach and 5 in church. we were pretty excited with the people that made it, and it will allow us to probably baptize 3 for my last week. they are brian, getsemani, and rocio. please pray for them, and that they can receive the permission from their parents to be baptized.
i promise to all of you, and to my father in heaven that i will continue to work at my fullest, and give everything i have in this last week. we must keep the eye single in the glory of god. it goes some thing like that. con la mira puesta unicamente en la gloria de dios. haha. it will be a weird transition in english again, have mercy on me when i get home. i love the work of the lord, and i will truly miss it, but i will love to be with my dearest family and friends again. but i will have to lose my tan when i get home and ill probably get sick... haha ni modo. i love you all so much, and i can't wait to be with you all again. stay strong in the faith, and trust in the lord with all your heart might, mind, and strength, as i will do likewise. see you in the end......
elder facer

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