Monday, February 13, 2012

Rainy days and temple days...

once again family, we meet here on the computer. what a joy to hear
from you all again and to know that you are all doing so great and
receiving so many blessings from the lord. a few of you commented on
how you have learned new things or remembered important information by
pondering. i have realized a little more this week, the importance of
pondering and how my heavenly father answers my thoughts in a very
personal way and in the right time after giving it a lot of thought.
i was pretty shocked with all the news that everyone gave me! tara is
playing soccer in a few weeks, lys and manuel got a new car and are
having huge success wit hthe business, scott is out for north dakota,
mom is in DC and dad... well i wont mention it now, its a suprise.
haha. also speaking of suprises, arturo and rosy, the family going to
the temple, told me yesterday that they have their date set for march
9 and 10. i think i will be going with them on the 9th, and i cant
wait. a week before i go home. what joy to know the blessing the
gospel can bring to our lives. he mentioned, arturo, about elders
quorum and how they were talking about examples and one young single
adult stood up and said that after jesus christ and his parents, that
i was his best example. the ysa was alfredo, another convert we had.
it really shocked me that the lord let me be such an infulence in
someones life so that they thought of me as their greatest example. i
was really stunned, and humbled to hear how the lord had used me to
impact someone in such a way that they were completely converted to
the gospel. it was touching.
well in this week, we had a lot of success, and a lot of rain. it was
very unanticipated to rain in febuary here in altamirano, and it felt
nice and cool all week. but once agian today is hot and dry. we had
a finding spree and found 25 new investigators and had 15 in church!!
it was a huge blessing to see half of the branch be investigators, and
all the members getting really excited to see the house of prayer
growing. it is pretty dysfuncional but i love it. it only has 5
years of being a branch, and they are working hard, so that is what
counts. we alsmost had a baptism of a girl that knows the gospel is
true, but is still waiting that god confirms her answers even more....
but we will be patient and help her realize the answer she has. sadly
we cant work our whole area, becuse it is about 1/4 of all the state,
so we ahve sto stay pretty close to home and to the closest pueblos.
but everything is going great! elder white is a blast, and he is a
really good teacher. he walks fast, and is still dedicated, even
though he has almost the same time as me. later ill send pics,
because i am about out of time. but i love altamirano!! its been so
wonderful to me, and one interesting thinga bout this area, is that we
really have to follow the scriptures when it says, dont worry yourself
about what to eat or wear, just wait for the lord to provide. we dont
have sisters that give us food, unless they offer it, or we ask for
it. usually our investigators feed us, because the members just live
too far out. some come each week from an hour and a half away to
church! i have learned a lot of humility in ths branch ,and will keep
learning more. love you all!!!!
elder facer

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